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SWIMRITE is a nationwide swimming programme for children, introducing and teaching skills needed for confident and competent participation in all water activities. The ability to swim is a very important part of a child’s development, not only for the enjoyment that it brings, but to ensure their safety.

The SWIMRITE swimming course is a unique way of teaching swimming. It is designed to teach beginners, intermediate and advanced swimmers.

Our teachers create a fun-filled class using specialised equipment and the teaching method is one of reassuring and encouragement, thereby eliminating the intimidating effect of not knowing how to swim.

Our aim is to teach children to swim and to develop a love for water. SWIMRITE is for all children, regardless of existing ability.

Advantages of SWIMRITE

  • All SWIMRITE coaches receive intense theoretical and practical training.
  • There are hundreds of swimming schools throughout the country but SWIMRITE is unique and special in the following ways:
    • Beginners are taught in small classes.
    • Pupils get the maximum amount of attention and progress faster.
    • The beginner level is designed to teach children through playful activities that build confidence in the water. The nervous child therefore suffers a minimum amount of trauma and in most cases even the most nervous child will have settled down after his first lesson and will actually enjoy his lessons.
    • The certification scheme is motivational to the pupil and helps the teacher to keep a check on progress.
    • SWIMRITE also have fun galas rewarding pupils for working hard - but also teaching the pupils how to accept honour graciously - not to be jealous when someone else receives the honour, in other words - how to win and how to accept losing.

The value of swimming

Learning to swim is a life skill that every parent wishes a child to master. At the very least, it is a safety measure, but what about the long-term value of swimming?

Swimming is an excellent choice of activity for children as it promotes health and also has therapeutic value. There are certain physiological effects which provide solid evidence of the long-term health benefits of swimming:

  • Swimming regularly, improves the proportion of muscle tissue to fat.
  • Swimming strengthens the connective tissues (cartilages, ligaments, tendons) and inter-muscle as well as organ-supporting tissue.
  • Swimming increases the tidal volume of the lungs.
  • Swimming improves the blood supply to the lungs and to the heart muscle itself.
  • Swimming increases the size and strength of the heart.
  • Swimming leads to a lower normal heart rate.
  • Swimming also has therapeutic value. In Russia, it is policy to take one-month-old infants to bathe in warm pools as it results in children growing up essentially healthier and much less prone to infection. Swimming thus improves the immune system.
  • When swimming, the movement of water against the body has a massaging effect which soothes and calms the swimmer. This leads to improved concentration and better focus.


The SWIMRITE programme is divided into eight levels, which is designed to develop every aspect of swimming right through to more advanced skills of all four strokes.

  • BEGINNER – introduces the pupil to water and his new learning environment.
  • LEVEL 1 – is for the beginner swimmer, introducing confidence and safety skills.
  • LEVEL 2 – Is to develop water independence and instill confidence.
  • LEVEL 3 – teaches the pupil the very basic techniques of Freestyle & Backstroke.
  • LEVEL 4 – Introduces the pupil to more advanced techniques of Breast stroke and Butterfly.
  • LEVEL 5 – introduces the pupil to the advanced techniques of all four strokes, plus the correct starts and turns including tumble turns.
  • LEVEL 6 - Refining of all four strokes and introducing advanced lifesaving skills.
  • LEVEL 7 -  Stroke correction, endurance and speed.

Each level is a progression from the previous one, but it is possible that there will be an overlap as most pupils will progress at different rates for the different strokes.

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