SWIMRITE, So much more than learning to swim!

Did you know that Swimrite has just launched a brand-new component to their program?

It is an extensive water safety program which is an introduction to lifesaving and is called “Swimrite Save a Buddy”. It teaches children between the ages of 3 - 13 the principles and techniques of water safety and lifesaving.

Why is lifesaving important?

Not only is Lifesaving recognized as a national and international sport, but is an indispensable life skill in our world today. Look at these alarming statistics:

  • More than 70 % of South Africans have little or no swimming ability
  • 300 - 500 people drown each year in SA
  • About 84 % of drownings involve people from historically disadvantaged communities
  • 64 % of drownings take place in rivers and dams, 33 % in pools and 3% in the sea 30 % of these concern children under 14

As swimming coaches, we have the responsibility to equip present and future generations with the best possible life skills and to open doors for the community to enjoy water resources safely.

What will my child learn in the "SWIMRITE Save A Buddy" program?

In the “Swimrite Save a Buddy” program, your child will learn a wide variety of personal water safety skills as well as lifesaving techniques, such as:

  • Managing to paddle / swim / tread water while fully clothed
  • Climbing out of the pool without using the steps and without assistance Jumping in the pool from varying heights, straddle jump
  • Surface dive and push off the bottom of the pool
  • Swimming side stroke
  • Learning the Lifesaving kick Staying afloat
  • Rescue methods, release and defence.

How does it work?

“Swimrite Save a Buddy” is part and parcel of Swimrite lessons - which means that you do not have to enrol your child for another program. During Swimrite lessons, your child will be taught a wide variety of water safety techniques which will enable him/her to receive Safety Awards.

There are 3 Swimrite Safety Awards which are age-specific and progressive in nature:

  • The Sardine Award is for beginners / non-swimmers and teaches 2 basic water safety skills
  • The Dolphin Award is for intermediate swimmers / level 2 swimmers and tests 7 water safety skills
  • The Super Shark Award is for advanced / level 3 swimmers and tests 8 water safety skills.

Water Safety Awards are awarded to swimmers who have managed to complete the required water safety skills for each safety award successfully. Children receive practice in the required skills on a regular and on-going basis as they form part of normal Swimrite lessons. Evaluation is done regularly to ensure that your child receives rewards continuously and is motivated to improve water safety. Water Safety Awards are in the form of a certificate and badge.

Can my child progress beyond "SAVE A BUDDY"?

Lifesaving is becoming more and more popular as a recognized sport. The SA Lifesaving Association offer Lifesaving programs to children from the age of 8 and provide training in CPR and First Aid as well as national and international competitions. Lifesaving competitions are conducted to improve performance during rescue activities. Competitions are conducted across a wide range of ages from 8 years to 60 plus and may include surf, open water and pool competitions. Children are given the opportunity to work at dams, swimming pools and the sea and are ultimately offered job opportunities as well as valuable life skills


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SWIMRITE, So much more than learning to swim!

Did you know that Swimrite has just launched a brand-new component to their program?


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